Still Waving Goodbye to Parkinsons Disease: A Journey of Hope

About the Book

W. Stanton (Stan) Smith, a successful principal in a global professional services firm, was diagnosed with Parkinsons around his 51st birthday. In a high pressure business atmosphere, he struggled with Parkinson’s Disease (PD) for six years. Despite accommodation from his firm, he was in a losing battle with PD.

He and his wife, Roz, moved to the Greenville, SC area with the expectation of going on disability. However he began a special exercise program in its experimental stage and improved enough that he now has a much reduced tremor, much more mobility and a stronger voice. As an added bonus, he was able to work for another 4 years before retiring in 2009.

Today he continues his professional work as specialist in intergenerational communications in the workplace and as a key member along with his wife of the Parkinsons Support Group of the Upstate.

In this book, Stan and his wife, Roz, share what they’ve learned about how to cope with PD. Roz gives insight and inspiration as she talks about how to approach being a Care Partner (CP), a topic that is seldom discussed or written about. Stan is candid about his struggles to come to grips with the disease.  He shares what he has learned through his undertaking the LifeWaves® Cycles Exercise® Program and provides some easy to remember pointers on how to deal with people’s reactions to you and how to approach life more positively as a Person With Parkinson’s (PWP.)

This book is a quick read that is profoundly inspiring. It provides PWPs, CPs, friends and family with practical guidance on how to live with PD.

June 2007

The Families & Work Institute recognizes annually individuals and organizations which have made lasting impact on workplace flexibility. Stan won the 2007 Work Life Legacy Award in conjunction with Deloitte. This video shows his acceptance speech. You will note that he walks with an unsteady gait and there is an obvious tremor. At this point, Stan had been on the LifeWaves® Program for about two years.

August 2008

At the end of year three in the LifeWaves® Program, I was able to stand without a cane or walker. You can see Stan in this video jogging around the parking lot, walking unaided into an office, and also tip toeing backwards in the same parking lot. 

April 2012

This video shows Stan in the final "ascent" up a steep road after seven years of the LifeWaves® Program. The road is nearly three-tenths of a mile long, and rises two hundred feet in altitude. This road leads to the top of a ridge where Stan and his wife have a house. It was the first time in 10 years that Stan has been able to walk up the entire length of this road. An In

An Interview with Dr. Robert Frey

As referenced on page 42 in the book, here is the transcript of an interview that Stan conducted with Dr. Robert Frey about how he treated his PD. The interview also touches on Dr. Frey's interesting theories about what causes PD and how to treat it using Kinesiology.

An Interview with Dr. Robert Frey