If you're looking for some help in figuring out how to communicate more effectively with those who work for you in the workplace or who you teach in a classroom or with whom you live at home, you're in the right place. Take advantageof my experience which can be gleaned from my book "Decoding Generational Differences: Changing your mindset...without losing your mind."

If you are college student currently or have recently graduated from college or just want some good advice, also take advantage of my experience and purchase a copy of Ask the Boss: 101 Career Tips (even if you don't have a job yet.) Check out my career advice column on (You can pre-order this book now; it will be shipped in late June, 2012.)

If you have Parkinson's Disease or know someone who does take advantage of what I've learned being a Person With Parkinson's for nearly 13 years in Waving Goodbye to Parkinson's Disease A Journey of Hope. Readers have appreciated its straightforward and helpful message. My wife provides an insightful chapter on being a Care Partner." 

-Stan Smith

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