Ask the Boss: 101 Career Tips (even if you don't have a job yet)

About the Book

No one said getting started would be easy? But this job market is crazy! Whether or not you have a job, the old rules for success don’t seem to apply. There must be some secrets to success today. But I don’t know what they are or how to find them?

Is this the rant you’ve been having with yourself? If so, relax. Buy this book. These “bite size” pieces of career success knowledge give you a “jump start” in three key crucial areas.

  • Finding and keeping a job
  • Attitudes
  • Why we are the way we are

Where do these tips come from? They come from four decades of success in the workplace and years of research into the newest members of the workforce, gen y. W. Stanton Smith offers his wisdom and insight into how to be successful. His career advice column, Askthe Boss, appears regularly on and, which are the initial schools of the CollegeBuzzz organization.  Check out his blog.