Decoding Generational Differences: Changing your mindset... Without losing your mind

Why read this book?

Today's multi-generational workplace is an unsolved mystery to most of us. The old ways don't work so well anymore and we may not like the direction things are going. It's as if we somehow need to break a secret code to unravel this mystery.

This book does just that. It decodes generational differences, especially those where the differences are starkest...between baby boomers and gen y. It is written in a highly readable, straightforward style to become your guide book and coach.

See for yourself

For gen y, learn more about yourselves and the origin of the conflicts between you and older colleagues, bosses, and parents. For everyone else, learn why a changed mindset is necessary on your part and how to do so without losing your mind, or money for that matter.

The author, W. Stanton Smith, has over 36 years of business experience as an innovator and highly successful manager of programs and people.